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Tori lucy

It's a match! Tori and Lucy!

*Texas July 2015*

"She has been the perfect sweet addition to our family!"

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Adopt a collie allpaws cropped

Julie and Cookie

*Oklahoma 2014*

"This experience has been a blessing for the both of us!"

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Adopt a dog allpaws cropped

Meredith and Ollie

*January 2015*

"I would definitely recommend All Paws for your search to rescue a pet!"

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Adopt a kitten allpaws cropped (1)

Brittany and Duchess

*New Jersey*

"We couldn't be happier to have her!"

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Adopt a beagle allpaws

Janel and Gorman

Ohio * November 2014

"We love “Mr G” as I refer to him and appreciate Affinity and AllPaws for helping us find our best buddy."

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Adopt a terrier allpaws

Max and Diane

December 2014 * Missouri

"He is so full of energy and love for us that I can’t imagine being any happier. He is the best dog ever."

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Adopt a chihuaha benny

Benny and Amy

December 2014 * Washington

"He's very well socialized with people so I think he came from a big family with lots of people around. "

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Adopt a chihuahua allpaws

Sadie and Susan

December 2014 * California

"Ms. Sadie is my corazon. She has changed so much in the few short weeks we've had her."

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Adopt a boxer

Steve and Stella

November 2014 * New Jersey

"Stella is an incredibly loving, sweet pup! Thank you for your help AllPaws! Love the site!"

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Holly and Skylar

November 2014

"Holly and Skylar are as sweet as butter. Both girls love to climb in your lap and cuddle!"

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Adopt a chihuaha

Patricia and Zoey

October 2014 * Florida

"Zoe's hoping to be a therapy dog, so she can visit children and seniors in hospitals and retirement homes!"

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Adopt a shih tzu

Helen and Charlie

October 2014 * Kentucky

"Charlie is the most personable 3 y.o. around and loves to be with his humans!"

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Adopt a chihuaha puppy allpaws

Amber and Bella

August 2014 * New Jersey

"We are very lucky to have her as an addition to our family! Thank you so much AllPaws!"

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Adopt a cat allpaws

Clyde and Mary

July 2014 * Minnesota

"I received an email from AllPaws with other cats and I ended up picking Pepsi out within a couple hours. "

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Adopt at chihuaha allpaws

Jane and Zeus

June 2014 * New Jersey

"Thank you for notifying me of all the sweet furry friends who need a home. I was able to adopt Zeus 2 weeks ago! "

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Adopt a puppy

Julie and Chance

August 2014 * California

"We found a couple of dogs that interested us, but "Gus" was our favorite. "

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Adopt a husky allpaws

Marc and Koko

May 2014 * California

"Thanks to, I was able to adopt Kokomo (Koko for short) a Malamute/Husky Mix"

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Adopt a daschund allpaws

Arlene & Porkchop

May 2014 * Pennsylvania

"I can’t thank enough for bringing Lisl and I such a wonderful little boy!"

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