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Welcome to - we are so excited to have you! AllPaws is growing quickly and gaining significant media attention so here is some helpful information about listing your animals on AllPaws:

Why Should We List on

AllPaws offers a fresh and modern approach to pet adoption through an online dating style interface complete with advance search tools (20+ search filters), direct messaging, match alerts via email, along with a host of other robust features and user friendly tools. Founded by successful entrepreneur Darrell Lerner, who previously co-founded the large online dating property SNAP Interactive, Inc., leverages modern technology as well as social media to reduce the number of pets in rescues and animal shelters and help more of your animals find good homes.

AllPaws launched at the end of 2013 and is growing very quickly, receiving significant national press, and improving the website on a daily basis. There are already over 200,000 registered users and the site receives more than HALF A MILLION visits each month from potential adopters who want to adopt a dog, adopt a cat, or adopt a new pet.

How is Different?

AllPaws combines the latest in technology, functionality & search to offer a fresh and modern approach to pet adoption. Some of the highlights include:

  • Advanced search functionality
  • Saved Searches to help users find their match
  • Detailed pet profiles
  • A modern layout which allows for the biggest and best photos of any pet adoption website
  • Online dating style interface & tools
  • User friendly web 2.0 design
  • Direct messaging between users and organizations
  • User accounts with profiles, saved search & the ability to save pets to a favorites list to make it easy for people to search for adoptable pets
  • Heavy social integration for easy sharing in order to give your pets additional visibility

How Do I Post a Pet Listing on

AllPaws actually features 3 ways to list your available pets. Please note that if you don't list directly and decide to go through or AdoptaPet, we strongly encourage you to "claim" your account on AllPaws in order to access our great features like widgets, memes, free custom Facebook tab, and much more available through your Organization Dashboard. You will receive claim instructions periodically along with user inquires about your pets. You can also email us for help claiming your account. Claiming your account will not affect your import.

A) Direct Listings on (Recommended)

  1. Create an account as an organization by clicking Create a Free Listing or any “Sign Up” link.
  2. Once you create an account as an organization and sign in, simply click MY LISTINGS > CREATE NEW LISTING and use our listing process directly on the site.

B) Create a Listing via

We are proud to feature a deep integration with is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides free and low-cost technology services to the animal welfare community. is an unaffiliated, volunteer-driven, non-competitive organization that wants to work with like-minded organizations to help animal welfare organizations, volunteers and pets. When you post your adoptable pets with, you can send them out to over 200 adoption listing websites for maximum exposure. You have full control of where your pets appear, and it's all done for free.

You will be able to request that add your pets from the Internet for the initial setup of your account. You can ask that add them from your Petfinder export file.

With, you can also use the Petfinder Sync to sync your new account to your Petfinder account.

Once they've added your pets and you have enabled exports, you can download, install and run the Petfinder Sync App to update Petfinder from your pet list. Then, you would only have to update your pet list and the adoption listing websites (including Petfinder and would be updated as well.

Sign up at

C) Import via

Organizations that create listings on AdoptaPet now have the option of importing their listings to

Why Do We Ask for More Information About Each Pet?

We wanted to make searching for a pet online as quick and easy as possible for users who want to adopt a pet. One of the ways we accomplished this is through our incredibly comprehensive search function! When you fill out a pet’s characteristics, needs, and personality traits, all of those fields become searchable by users! Additionally, the more information you fill out about your pets, the more informed our users will be about the pet they are interested in. This reduces the number of questions you will have to answer when contacted as well as creates better matches thereby reducing the likelihood that a pet will be returned.

How Can I Get the Most Out of AllPaws?

We want every pet on AllPaws to have the best chance of getting adopted, so to ensure that you put your best PAW forward, follow these easy steps:

  1. Fill out as much information as possible about the pet to best represent the pet’s needs and personality.
  2. Take great pictures! Don’t upload blurry, dark, or grainy pictures if you can avoid it. Do your best to take clear, bright, and HAPPY pictures of the pets you are listing!
  3. Check your messages! We have an awesome messaging system that connects organizations with potential adopters- don’t forget to check your inbox! The perfect match could be waiting there.

Pause a Listing

When someone inquires about a pet, and you are going through the adoption process, you can click the “pause” button on the listing to temporarily remove the pet from search results without deleting the pet profile from your list. If an adoption does not go through, all you have to do is click the pause button again, and the pet will reappear in search results.

How Do I Edit a Listing?

Editing a listing is easy! Simply go to your my listings page. When you locate the profile you wish to edit, simply hover over the listing, and click “edit listing.” Here you can separately edit a pet’s profile info and pet pictures & video! Don’t forget to click “save”!

How Do I View My Organization's Pets & Create Memes for My Pets?

Finding a list of your organizations pets is easy! Simply click here to view your pets. You can use this tool to create pet memes for your pets. A meme is a picture with a cute or funny caption. Once you create the Meme you can share it on your personal or organization's Facebook page, or download and share via Email.

The AllPaws Universal Pet Adoption Application

You can opt-in to accept the AllPaws Universal Pet Adoption Application through your organization's dashboard which can be found immediately when you log in to your AllPaws account. Click here to learn more about the application and why your organization will benefit from using it.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please reach us at

Coming Soon!

We are constantly working to make AllPaws the best experience for all of our users and organizations. We improve the site on a daily basis and our upcoming roadmap includes a wide variety of tools designed to make life a lot easier for shelters and rescues. Please stay tuned for exciting news on these features and more

We LOVE Success Stories!

We love hearing when a pet from AllPaws has been adopted! Please email us at when one of your pets is adopted from AllPaws so we can publish your success story and get greater visibility for your organization! in the News!

Here is just some of the exciting national press AllPaws has received so far: