Find Cats and Kittens for Adoption

Did you know? You do not have to go to a breeder if you want a purebred cat. Many cat rescues and cat shelters have purebred cats. There are also plenty of breed-specific shelters and rescues that offer specific cat breeds for adoption and rescue.

At AllPaws, we list approximately 100,000 cats in cat shelters and cat rescues nationwide. Let’s help more cats get adopted! If you are considering cat adoption, you can search for a cat to adopt or rescue by visiting and narrow you search by breed, gender, size, compatibility, temperament, and more!

Bringing your cat home for the first time

Bringing a cat home you adopted for the first time is exciting but also nerve-racking! The transition for your kitten or cat is just as nerve-wracking for them, so choose a quiet room and set up food, water, a cat bed, and a litter box. Make sure all windows and doors are closed! When you adopt a cat or adopt a kitten, give your cat or kitten time to adjust to their new surroundings before introducing them to other rooms, family members, and especially other pets you already have.

Did you know? Many people think that rescue cats and shelter cats are in shelters or rescues because they are unfit for a home. This is not true at all! Shelter cats and rescue cats are loving, welcoming, and looking for their forever home. Many cats are given up because the family can no longer afford the expenses of caring for a cat, had an unexpected change in their living situation, or were just not ready to care for a cat full time. Together with your help, we can help more cats get adopted! Even if you’re not ready to adopt a pet, you can help by sharing pet profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Popular Cat Breeds

1 Adopt a Domestic Short Hair 83,817
2 Adopt a Domestic Medium Hair 9,609
3 Adopt a Domestic Long Hair 6,688
4 Adopt a American Shorthair 2,059
5 Adopt a Calico 1,232
6 Adopt a Maine Coon 786
7 Adopt a Russian Blue 544
8 Adopt a Tuxedo 140
9 Adopt a Siamese 8
10 Adopt a Tabby 3