A Pet Adoption Match! Porkchop and Arlene!


We love this story of Arlene who used AllPaws to search for a pet to adopt. She ended up using AllPaws to adopt a dog! She used AllPaws to adopt a Daschund mix named Porkchop from Pennsylvania and she has given him a loving, forever home.

“It isn’t as obvious from the pictures but at 15 pounds, Porkchop, a Tweenie Daschund from Little Paws Dachshund Rescue in Pennsylvania, is an apt name for this little guy! Believed to have been rescued from a home occupied by less than ideal owners, Porkchop could hardly walk when he was first rescued because he was so overweight. But now, exercising often, he is all softness and is now renamed “Joschi.” Joschi acts in the exact way he was described in his profile on AllPaws.com- he is the sweetest little guy who is adapting well to his new home. He gets along with his “sister” Lisl and naps on the living room sofa with her, comes when he is called, and moves with me when I go walking. Before finding Joschi, I put in an application for another dog I saw on AllPaws but ‘lost out’ in the timing of the processing of my application. That happened just when my Dachshund rescue friend Lena also saw Porkchop on AllPaws and suggested I contact you. I didn’t realize that you and FurEver Rescue could help get my new pup to me. We are all VERY grateful. Joschi has such a beautiful face, and I can’t thank AllPaws.com enough for bringing Lisl and I such a wonderful little boy! Our lives have already changed in very happy ways!"

Awww…we love getting stories like this! At AllPaws, our mission is to help more pets get adopted so it makes us smile when we’re able to see a happy pet in its new forever home!

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