A Pet Adoption Match! Jane and Zeus!

Blog post 6.18

We love this story of Jane who used AllPaws to search for a pet to adopt. She ended up using AllPaws to adopt a dog! She used AllPaws to adopt a Chihuaha mix named Zeus from New Jersey and she has given him a loving, forever home.

"My name is Jane Martin from Rahway, NJ. I want to thank you for notifying me of all the sweet furry friends who need a home. I was able to adopt Zeus 2 weeks ago and we love him! I adopted Zeus a male Chihuahua & Jack Russell mix. I got him from the Sewaren adoption center in Woodbridge, NJ. He was found on the streets. He has a micro chip but it was never registered. No one ever came to claim him. My sweet doggie had just died and I wanted a rescued dog because that's what my Gucci was. 

AllPaws.com was such a great help to me. You made it so easy for me to find a new pet. I have already told my friends & family about you. Keep up the good work!"

Awww…we love getting stories like this! At AllPaws, our mission is to help more pets get adopted so it makes us smile when we’re able to see a happy pet in its new forever home!

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