A Pet Adoption Match! Clyde and Mary!

Cat success story clyde

We love this story of Mary who used AllPaws to search for a pet to adopt. She ended up using AllPaws to adopt a cat! She used AllPaws to adopt a cat named Clyde from Minnesota and she has given him a loving, forever home.

"My name is Mary, I live in Woodbury, MN, and I adopted Pepsi, a 6 month old male kitten, from AllPaws through Feline Rescue, Inc. We renamed him to Clyde and he is a tiger tabby. I do not know his background but picked him up at his foster family who had him for 1 month. He is very affectionate and loves to play! We had lost my Husbands 17 year old cat and I had lost my 19 year old cat so we wanted to get a younger cat to play with our 8 year old cat who is so lonely since my husbands cat passed in March. They are very quickly becoming close friends as Clyde loves to play and even though Lana (our old cat) is a little jealous she is coming around as she has someone to play with!

I received an email from AllPaws with other cats and I ended up picking Pepsi out within a couple hours. All I had to do next was convince my husband it was time to get Lana a new companion… which didn't take too long as we are both animal lovers!"

Awww…we love getting stories like this! At AllPaws, our mission is to help more pets get adopted so it makes us smile when we’re able to see a happy pet in its new forever home!

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