A Pet Adoption Match: Patricia and Zoe!

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We love this story of Patricia who used AllPaws to search for a pet to adopt. She ended up using AllPaws to adopt a dog! She used AllPaws to adopt a Chihuaha mix named Zoe from Florida and she has given her a loving, forever home.

"My Name is Patricia and I just adopted a Chihuaha mix named Zoe in Miami, Florida using AllPaws.com! From what I know, Zoe and her Mom were found on the streets of Miami. They were rescued and fostered at a plant nursery with other dogs. I believe the Mom was rescued first. I believe Zoe will be 2 years old in December.  It was heart breaking to see all the beautiful dogs in need of rescue. I searched so many rescue sites looking for my forever dog and traveling buddie! I had lost my 2 large dogs of 15 years and knew I needed a small dog for easier travel as I get older. After looking and looking, I saw Zoe's cute little face when browsing AllPaws. I talked and texted for several weeks with the foster Mom and we met half way between our two cities. Zoe was a little bigger by then, and so scared in need of some love. Now, she's a Momma's girl and is going to doggie classes at the local Humane Society. She's still very wary of new situations, but we're working on getting rid of all those scarry problems. Zoe's hoping to be a therapy dog, so she can visit children and seniors in hospitals and retirement homes. Thank you so much for all the work you do and love you give the homeless animals. - Zoe and Pat"

Awww…we love getting stories like this! At AllPaws, our mission is to help more pets get adopted so it makes us smile when we’re able to see a happy pet in its new forever home!

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