A Pet Adoption Match! Amber and Bella!

Bella 2

We love this story of Amber who used AllPaws to search for a pet to adopt. She ended up using AllPaws to adopt a dog! She used AllPaws to adopt a Boxer mix named Bella from New Jersey and she has given her a loving, forever home.

"We recently adopted Bruna (now Bella) a Boxer/Lab mix from a rescue called Furever Luv Animal Rescue in Runnenede, NJ, and found her via AllPaws.com. Bella is such a loving and happy little girl. From what we know, her life before us was not so happy. We are very lucky to have her as an addition to our family. I can't wait to see how her and my son will grow together and the special bond they will share... She is a great addition to our family. Thank you very much, AllPaws.com!"

Awww…we love getting stories like this! At AllPaws, our mission is to help more pets get adopted so it makes us smile when we’re able to see a happy pet in its new forever home!

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