Adopt a Rottweiler


The Rottweiler has a long, muscular build that makes for a strong, natural guard dog. Its coat, which is straight and coarse, is always black with rust to mahogany markings above each eye, on the cheeks, on the side of the nose, and on the legs.

The Rottweiler is a confident and imposing breed. It has the innate ability to sense danger and react if necessary. Although confident, the Rottweiler can be shy around strangers, however, that won’t stop them from protecting their family if it thinks necessary.

To help condition a Rottweiler, it is suggested they go on a daily jog, walk, or play an energetic game in an enclosed area. These keep the Rottweiler entertained and healthy. Obedience lessons can also be helpful, to help prevent against any aggressiveness or stubbornness the dog may display. The Rottweiler loves the cold,and is not suited for hot weather. They require an occasional brushing, as well, to remove any dead hair.

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