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Adopt Peaches 0158 the Dog


Round Hill, VA

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Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue Inc
P.O. Box 764
Stephens City, VA 22655

Peaches' Description Meet Peaches 0158

Peaches Update 12/26/2017 I have hit 73 pounds!!!!!! The vet is very pleased with my weight gain and I no longer need my B12 shot because my levels are great! I am good with only the B12 supplement sprinkled on my morning meal no more shots for me.

Hello there I am Peaches 0158 I am in search of my forever home I would love a new family to love me forever and ever!

I am very affectionate and love to cuddle. I love having my chest scratched between my arms. I am almost 3 years old my birthday we think is February 1st, 2015. I am over the puppy stages of chewing, I am spayed, house trained, and I listen very well. I tend to be a little unsure at first with new people but I warm up very quickly. Foster Mom calls me tag-along as I follow her everywhere. I listen and come when called if I am not right there with you that is. I will give you my paw when asked to wipe them off after I come in from outside. I know all the basic obedience skills (Sit, Down, Stay, Stop, Paw, Come, Kennel, Stop, and Wait. Leave It I am still working on but getting better everyday. I have a little bit of a ball fetish I LOVE THEM!!!! Oh and I can fit two tennis balls in my mouth at once. I am content just laying around with you or being out and about with you. I ride very well in the car no sickness at all not even when driving mountain roads.

I have this thing called EPI short for Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency which just means my pancreas doesn't produce enough enzymes to break down my food properly and I don't get all the nutrients I need from my food. So as long as I have an enzyme powder on each meal and the correct dosage I do very well and get the nutrients I need from my food and I am a happy girl! EPI for me is completely managed by my vitamin B12 supplement and enzyme powder. This also means treats may not be a good idea for me as my body cant break them down on its own. I have no other known health issues at this time.

I can play with other dogs outside after proper introductions, I will share my toys whenplaying outside but Idon't care to have other dogs take them from me without areplacement toy close by. Proper introductions are KEY with me as I am dog reactive right now due to some past bad experiences with other dogs. My fosters are working on this with me. I would be best in a home with no other dogs or other animals so that I can be thecenter of attention. I am great with children I am a human dog not necessarily a dog dog.

I need someone that can work with me, along with a professional trainer, to help me build my confidence back up. I reallyenjoy playing and have good energy. I most times am a complete couch potato and lay on my numerous beds while at home relaxing or while Foster Mom is working. I walk well on a leash but need a few reminders as I tend to pull, the gentle leader head collar helps with this.

Won't you please apply to adopt me or request to meet me? I recently relocated to the Leesburg area.

Please review our adoption process, if interested

German Shepherd Dog
Location: Round Hill, VA
Owner type: Shelter/Rescue
Gender: Female
Age range: Young
Breed type: Purebred
Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn with Black
Size type: Medium
Birth date: Feb 1, 2015
Compatibility: Ok with kids
Coat length: Short
Adopt a Dog | German Shepherd Dog | Peaches 0158
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