Adopt a Chihuahua


The Chihuahua is best known for being the smallest dog breed in the world. They are compact, small, and loud, with a soft and straight coat. If you are looking to rescue a Chihuahua then you should know that they very much resemble the terrier in their alertness, attitude and lively expression, which allows them to be great household pets. The Chihuahua's temperament varies depending on certain situations. They can be friendly with pets and dogs, but reserved towards other humans. They are incredibly loyal to their owners, though, which contributes to their popularity.

If you adopt a Chihuahua then you can expect your Chihuahua to have a life expectancy of 14-18 years, but is known to suffer from some minor health ailments such as keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS), hypoglycemia, pulmonic stenosis, patellar luxation, and hydrocephalus. All in all, the Chihuahua remains one of the most popular pets in America due to their fitting size, loyal attitude, and cute appearance.

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