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New York City, NY

Rescue ID


Organization Contact

Animal Care and Control of New York City - Manhattan
326 East 110 Street
New York, NY 10029

Zion's Description Meet Zion

ACTIVITY LEVEL: Laid back VOCAL: Somewhat chatty CHARACTER TYPE: Social, Sweet KNOWN HISTORY: Zion was brought in as a stray, so we don''t have any behavioral history or tendencies in a home environment.MEDICAL BEHAVIOR: 8/30/17- Observed Behavior: a little timid, but easily handled and examinedEVALUATION: Cage Condition: No changeReaction to assessor: Zion immediately comes soliciting at the front of the cage.Reaction when softly spoken to: Zion remains by the front expressing interest. Reaction to door opening: Zion remains standing with relaxed body posture, soliciting attention.Reaction to touch: Zion head bunts the assessor''s hand and appreciates petting on the head and body.Reaction to Being Picked up: Allows the pickup and remains calm. BEHAVIOR SUMMARY: Zion interacts with the Assessor, solicits attention, is easy to handle and tolerates all petting. This cat can go to a beginner home.

Domestic Short Hair
Location: New York City, NY
Owner type: Shelter/Rescue
Gender: Male
Age range: Senior
Breed type: Mixed
Color: Black
Size type: Medium
Birth date: Aug 28, 2009
Coat length: Short
Adopt a Cat | Domestic Short Hair | Zion
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