Adopt a Border Collie

Border Collie

If you adopt a Border Collie, you will be adopting a medium-sized herding dog that is known for its incredible intelligence and awareness. When you adopt a Border Collie, you will be adopting a breed that is regarded as the smartest dog breed alive. Border Collie's have high stamina and natural agility, which allows them to remain active for long periods of time. They are also obedient, loyal towards their master, and eager to learn tricks and tasks.

The Border Collie is best suited to be given specific tasks, because they need to consistently exercise their minds. A lack of physical and mental activity can lead to destruction and frustration for the family involved with the dog.

The Border Collie is often wary of strangers, and has a tendency to chase other animals due to its herding instinct. The Border Collie appears in many different color combination, most often white mixed with black and a variety of multi-colored patches that can be anywhere on the body. Overall, Border Collies make great pets if trained properly, due to their high intelligence level and loyalty to their owners.

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